Friday, June 28, 2013

Training with Purpose

Three weeks in to training for marathon #2, and I’m not off to a much more graceful start than last time.  Yes, my fitness level is greater, but I seem to have trouble getting training off the ground and into full swing.  You might remember (or not), that my son ended up in the hospital during the first weeks of my last go-round…which put me into a slow start.  This time, it’s not my son –but the son of a friend – who was hospitalized during my first training week.  Now, I’m not using him as my excuse – but it did derail me a bit that week, I was sick last week, and this week I’ve had a neck injury sidelining me.  WHEW…it’s time to get this show on the road.  I haven’t TOTALLY missed my workouts, but my start has been slow.  The Oregon Marathon is THREE MONTHS FROM TODAY!

So, starting today, I’m going to run with an extra purpose…and I’m asking you to support me.  My miles for the next three months will be run in honor of Justin Carey (the young man in the hospital).  You can follow his family’s blog/updates on

As the temperatures rise – right along with my mileage – I’ll keep in mind that I’m doing this not only for myself & my goals, but also in honor of Justin, who – for now – cannot run himself.  This young man was faced with a tremendous decision this past week, and made a decision that will allow him, in the long run, to lead the active lifestyle he dreams of.  Though our journeys are different, there was a time not so long ago that my active lifestyle was just a dream – but today it’s a reality – and I know that will be true for Justin VERY SOON.

If you’re inclined to encourage me, and support Justin’s journey, please consider making a donation – either via the CaringBridge web site, or at any Bank of America – the account name is “Justin Carey Caring Fund.” 

I’ll be out there – Living My Fit Dreams – for both of us!