Monday, June 23, 2014

Well, I guess I WAS derailed!

It's been a YEAR!  My "Justin miles"...I'm embarrassed to say...were not to happen. But, JUSTIN himself kept rocking on...and is living his NEW dreams!

I got hurt & derailed - for a year.  But, just this week, have a new plan, and a new goal, and - once again - a new life.  Today, a friend said, "I guess I've missed your blog posts."  No, dear Robin, I have been MIA...but thanks to you, and others like you, I am back.

42 weeks to my next goal - the Blooms to Brews inaugural marathon in Woodland, Washington on April 12, 2015.  When I began this journey, it was one walk, one pound, one foot at a time.  I'm starting over - truly with the walks - because I do NOT want to get hurt again.

I have not been completely inactive. I've paddle boarded, cycled, I'm on a kickball team, getting ready for a weekend softball tournament.  And, now I'm walking again.  I have a group of EXCITING lunch buddies keeping me motivated.  And another group of running chicks to hold me accountable toward this goal - and to push me when I need it.

So, stay tuned - posts are less often, but I'm still here...LIVING my fit dreams.