Monday, December 10, 2012

Starting to Getting Real

So, I usually just post positive, encouraging messages…that’s my mission.  But, I have been told that posting the good, bad, and ugly can be encouraging…in that we can commiserate.  So, here it is!

After a spectacular week of training – a great 12 mile “run more than walk” last Sunday, my first “run the whole three miles” mid-week, and a strong run on Friday night…I was flying high.  I even consulted with Coach Lea, as I knew that this week was bringing me into new territory – with my planned 14 miles on Sunday, it would be the longest mileage I’ve ever done.

Then, Sunday came back around. 

I’m half-way through the “official” 16-week marathon training plan, and I have hit the proverbial wall.  I remember this feeling from my half-marathon training last year, so I’m not surprised – but it still is defeating. 

Yesterday, I woke up feeling less than motivated to go out.  The weather was icky (not as bad as it could have been, but not the sun from the previous week).  I was achy.  Holiday cookie baking on Saturday wasn’t good to me.  I didn’t eat BADLY, but I didn’t FUEL for my Sunday run, either.  I set out, nonetheless, committed to power through my planned 14 miles, but things didn’t look up.

First, RunKeeper had me at .6 miles – just 30 seconds out of our house!  WOW!  Actually, that’s been my frustration with RunKeeper…sometimes the GPS function is just “wonky.”  However, I knew the route I planned to use is ~3.5 miles, and running it 4 times would allow me to refuel & use my own CLEAN bathroom (after a disgusting encounter with a porta-potty last week).  So, RunKeeper aside, I powered on.  My first two laps were a struggle, not great, time-wise, but I felt encouraged knowing I was battling inner demons – I was out there.

I headed out for the third lap, and at mile 9 I was “all in.”  I nearly called dear husband to come and pick me up, but thought, I can WALK 1.5 miles home.  I was close to tears…I hurt, I was discouraged, and the cold was biting.  (Mind you, it wasn’t COLD-cold…just wet, Northwest cold.)  As I neared home, I realized that there was no way I was going to complete the third lap in time to make it to my massage appointment on time, not even close.  So, I decided to call it a day…at 10.5 miles.

Now, I realize…10.5 miles isn’t too shabby.  In fact, two years ago 1/10th of that mileage was a “workout” for me.  And, just a few months ago, 3 miles was my typical “training run.”  I’m doing a GREAT job.  But, it wasn’t what I had planned.

I headed to my massage – thank you Kristen Clearwater for being there for me on Sunday afternoons! – and really got the nastiness worked out.  This is not the kind of massage you think of getting for R&R – laying on the beach, or at the spa of a cruise ship.  This is more like another workout…keeping the body functioning.  However, it was absolutely what I needed yesterday.  In fact, afterward I sucked it up and walked home at a very leisurely pace – logging a little more than two miles.

All told, I put in 12.75 miles yesterday.  NOT what was planned, NOT my longest run yet…but definitely 12.75 miles more than if I had given in to the morning feeling and bagged the day altogether.  This was technically a “recovery” week, so I recovered.

Tomorrow starts a new training week.  (Mondays are rest days, after long Sunday runs.)  I’m back on my game.  This week I WILL conquer my miles (Lord willing & the creek don’t rise!).  Because, in spite of it all, I’m still Living My Fit Dreams.

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