Sunday, October 9, 2011

Red-Letter Days & Weeks

My "season" is over.  Last weekend was the 30th Annual Great Columbia Crossing - a fun 10K across the Astoria Bridge.  It's a relatively flat course - for the first half - then a 200 ft climb to the top of the bridge, with great views of the Columbia River and Pacific Ocean.

As I started down the bridge, I notice the finish line was at the bottom.  I had a lot of steam left, and was dying to run - so I did, all the way down.  Little did I realize...the finish line WAS at the bottom - but before you got to cross, there was a half-mile out-and-back left.  I'd used all of my "poop" running...and was really disappointed at my lack of planning.  But, I made it across - with GOOD time - I kept my 5K pace for the 10K race!  A great season-ender.

This past week was fun, too.  I had an interview for a fantastic new job.  Friday morning, I woke up in ONEDERLAND!!!  I have not seen a "1" out front on my scale since Jr. High School!  It started and ended as a red-letter-day with the news that I got the job!

This weekend, I spent 24 hours at my son's ROTC jog-a-thon - and RAN (ran-ran, not walked-ran!) 1.25 miles with some of the other parents.  The kids are really encouraged when the parents come along side them.  It felt REALLY good to participate.  (100 kids ran over 830 miles in 24 hours.  My son ran more than 22 miles!)

I'm looking forward to this new season..."off season" training, "job training" season, etc., etc., etc.  Reports MAY be farther apart, but I'll check in as I have something to report.

Living and loving my new life!

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