Sunday, September 25, 2011

Post-Partum Depression?

How does a woman who has never given birth suddenly experience post-partum depression?  By having given birth to a dream, followed by a week of yucky weather and post-race down time.  Thankfully, I'm past all of that!

I'm a "planner" and truly have as much fun looking forward to things as I do in actually participating in them.  (I planned for 18 months before my first cruise, and the anticipation was so much fun!) Having been through other "mountain top experiences," I should have expected that I'd be emotionally down after the Warrior Dash, but I didn't.  Thankfully, I had a friend who recognized what I was going through, and validated my feelings while encouraging me to keep pressing on.

This past week, our weather turned back around - for one last peek at summer - and I was able to get in some great rides before the rains hit this weekend.  And, now that our "liquid sunshine" is here, I'm looking forward to new experiences in the training department.

I did go to two different WLS support group meetings this week - and got to share my Warrior Dash story at both places.  (I even wore my Warrior helmet and t-shirt to my "home" group - and they all enjoyed seeing that my year-long dream had become a reality!)

Next weekend is the Great Columbia Crossing 10K in Astoria, Oregon.  It will be my longest event of the season - and I'll be pressing to get across the finish line before the time limit.  I'm 95% sure I can keep the necessary pace - but since I haven't done that long of an event before, I'm not 100% sure.  I guess I won't be the only person to have ever been picked up by the bus - but I don't PLAN to need it!  Almost surely, it will be in the mist and/or rain - but since my Battle Ground race was a rainy day, I know that's no big deal.

I'll look forward to sending you my report on that.

Until then - I'm living my fit dreams!

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