Saturday, February 25, 2012

Another Season

This season, starting today with the arrival of my 39th birthday, is going to be great!  I'm SO looking forward to all of the things I'm going to accomplish before the "big 4-0"!!!

This past week, I signed up once again to work with Bariathlete's Lea - for some hand-holding regarding sports nutrition for the bariatric athlete.  I want to be on my "A game" for the year, and I know her expertise will help.

I also signed up for Bold Fitness' "Tri with Karen" program.  I'm planning to do two sprint triathlons this year, and she's the gal to get me going in that department.  Along those lines, I'm also signing up for a month of "adult swim lessons."  It sounds so silly to say that - but for those of us a bit removed from the childhood summers at the pool, a bit of coaching in the "efficiency" department isn't such a bad idea.

I'm still training, too, for the RnR 1/2 marathon, and have added one or two more to my planned season.  

I'm so excited all this season has to bring!  I'm really working toward my "now dream" of being an Ironman (Ironwoman)!!!  MENTALLY, I already am!

Thanks for joining me on my journey of Living My Fit Dreams!


  1. Very excited to witness your tremendous accomplishments this year. Way to go!

  2. I love that you are still looking at everything as part of the journey. I was thinking when I read what you wrote about the swim lessons - it really doesn't sound silly at all. You ARE an athlete. Athletes have trainers to push them and help them improve, who can see things they can't see and help them push through things that might ordinarily stop them. It doesn't matter what it's called "adult swim lessons" or "olympic training" - you're an athlete smart enough to get a coach and train your body! Well done!