Friday, May 18, 2012

Ready to Rock N Roll (inaugural Portland RnR 1/2 marathon)

I thought I’d do a little pre-race rambling…rambling being my specialty, and all!

It’s been sixteen months since my gastric bypass surgery and I’m still so very much in awe of the opportunity I had to change my life.  I am truly “living” my fit dreams – rather than just “dreaming” them.  I had a minor blip in the weight-loss radar last month, but the trip weight has come off –and taken 8 more pounds with it.  I have 18 pounds to goal – and my hope is to be there before my 18-month anniversary in July.

I’ve become an ENDURANCE athlete.  Anyone who can do anything athletic for three to four hours (or more) – is an endurance athlete, no matter the pace.  I’m no longer afraid of not finishing…or even of coming in last.  Quitting is not an option – unless truly injured or sick.

As I’ve said before, for me the planning is usually as much fun as the event itself.  I signed up for the RnR half more than a year ago –and it’s FINALLY race weekend!  Reading back through some of my previous entries, I’m realizing that I need to prepare for my post-race “low.”  I started “training” for this race in October & I do have to say, though, that I did hit an “I don’t really care” phase a couple of weeks ago…which I understand is normal.  I’m past it now – and looking forward to seeing just how much I can do this weekend.  I truly just want to “finish” – but do have a general idea of what time to expect.  We’ll see how much the race-day-adrenaline-rush helps! J

After this race, I only have two more events for the year on the calendar.  I’d “planned” to do a lot more, but anyone who does these events knows that it can be a financial burden.  We’ve had some unexpected things come up, so I’m only going to do the races I’ve already paid for.  This will allow me to change up my plan for the summer…and I’m looking forward to a different training phase.

June 9th, I’ll be doing the Blue Lake Sprint Duathlon.  It will be my last race until fall, and I’ll spend the summer working on “strength”-training rather than “base”-training.

It seems odd to be “ending” my season when others are just ramping up J  But, my goal is to strengthen over the summer (doing Warrior Dash in the fall), and then progress to setting up for my planned February marathon.  (My “I’m going to do a marathon before I turn 40” goal!)  Which means I’ll be off-kilter from others who use the fall/winter months for their strength training & spring/summer for races.  I’ve always marched to my own drummer J

I’ll report again early next week – to share my RnR story.  In fact, the story has already started – but you’ll have to stay tuned!

Living My Fit Dreams!

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