Thursday, May 3, 2012

Still moving...

This is my “high-mileage” week before my slight taper before the Rock N Roll Half, and I’m really enjoying the fact that I’m ABLE to do it.  The week started off with a brick night at Tri Club (with my ride to/from it was 19 miles on the bike and two walking), progressed to 6 miles last night (5 walking, 1 running), and amps up with the Urban Adventure Run tonight (~3 mi for me).  After a break tomorrow, I’ll get in a 12 mile (my longest) walk/run on Saturday and ~6 miles on Sunday.  I’m feeling so great about this!

But, this past month of ramp-up hasn’t been without its pitfalls.  I’ve been on the road three weekends (and partial weeks) in a row.  Though I’m proud to say I’ve been 90% faithful to the training plan, my eating has suffered.  “Suffering” is relative – in that my “bad” days aren’t anything compared with the “old” days – but I’m still learning how to navigate this new lifestyle.

I spent a retreat weekend with a bunch of girls at beautiful Wallowa Lake, Oregon.  The scenery was great, the company was even better, and it was so nice to just relax.  I got out for my daily walks (and discovered what “high-altitude training” means), and really enjoyed the peace and quiet away from the city noise I usually endure.  However, having “let” someone else make my food choices for me (well, cooking the meals – I CHOSE to eat them) was a challenge.  I discovered first-hand what gastric bypass patients refer to as “GI Distress.”  Let it suffice to say that I’ve learned that O.J. is NOT my friend.  J

Then, I spent 10 days in Texas for work & play.  Another 10 days of not cooking, not being 100% on track food-wise – but still MOSTLY on track in the workout department.  When the humidity hit at the end of my trip (oy vey!), I was kind of a wuss. 

One of the things I most looked forward to in Texas was going to Six Flags…and I was NOT disappointed!  Having been too big for roller coasters for many years, I appreciated having no doubts about my ability to ride ALL of the rides.  I had so much fun!

The encouraging part of the trip was that I knew I was still making great progress toward my half-marathon goal.  The struggle was when I stepped on the scale upon my return home!  The number was SHOCKING – but also a reality check.  I am very much back in the “real world” food/exercise/weight wise, and must be very mindful of the choices I’m making.  It’s OK to have fun – but to know there are consequences.  Fun needs to be short-lived, and “special.”  I’m back on track now!

While on my Texas trip, I worked on laying out my training from now until Birch Bay (Feb 2013).  I’ve read through this great book – The Non-Runner’s Marathon Trainer by David Whitsett, Forrest Dolgener & Tanjala Kole – and I’d highly recommend it.  I’m going to use it as my training guide to get me to & through my first marathon.  The premise is that ANYONE can complete a marathon – and that it’s just as much mind work as body.  I encourage others to check it out!


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  1. Hey Chanda this is Jenn M from Running Chicks on facebook (my current avatar pic is me kissing a sea lion) -- I used the Whitsett book to get through my first marathon and I loved it. I'm doing my third this year but am sadly out of training so I've been thinking about re-reading it as inspiration. I think we were both in Corral 20 for Sunday? I'll be the one in the blue "Dances with Cow" hat. Good luck to you, hope to see you there!!