Monday, September 5, 2011

My first Fartlek!

No, that is not code for something naughty...but rather something way FUN.  Swedish for "speed play," Farklet is just a fun form of interval training.  I'm finding that though distances are getting easier for me, my time isn't really improving.  Basically, I think I need to push myself - and today was definitely my hardest "by myself" workout.  I ran to the nearby school, put my water bottle down, and did graduated sprint there/walk back sessions to and from the water bottle for 35 minutes.  It was hot and challenging - but I felt like I'd truly Labored on Labor Day! :)

I spent this weekend starting to plan my path to the bigger races - and my training is definitely going to be more thought out.  I know I've done half-hearted strength training, and have yet to implement my yoga/recovery plan.  Now, it's all PLANNED, and I need to IMPLEMENT.

And, Mike and Lea will be happy to know - I'm taking my RECOVERY shakes seriously, too.  Putting on my big girl panties (figuratively - no longer literally!), and drinking them whether I want to, or not!

Closing in on a big number in the weight department.  Stay tuned.

Six days until I rock it at WARRIOR DASH!

Until then, Living My Fit Dreams!

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