Wednesday, April 4, 2012

New Life

The other day, DS and I were talking about his mile time (under 8 min), and I said to him, "Can you run the whole thing?"  He said, yes.  He couldn't believe that I hadn't been able to do it yet.  Though he’s young (17), he said he only works out once a week at ROTC, and whatnot. And he challenged, how can I - working out HARD five days per week - NOT be able to do it.  Whatever!

So, yesterday at lunch, I thought I'd at least try.  My training plan said 3 x 1 mile @ 5-10K pace.  So, I thought I'd at least try to run the first one.  Low and behold I was able to do it (9:50).  I walked for 7 minutes, then did my second one (12:35).  I was pooped, but after another 7 minutes, tried for my third.  I tanked about 1/2 way, and ended up walking 1/4 mile - but kicked it out for the last 1/4 - for 13:58.  Not terribly fantastic, but better than my 14:45 normal walking pace.

Got back to my desk & looked at Facebook - someone had posted a picture that says, "Whether it is a 14 minute mile or a 7 minute mile, it is still a mile."  Darned right!

I've been doing great endurance-wise.  I'm up to 9 miles this Saturday.  Even if my 1/2 marathon was this week - I know I could do the whole distance, and even in the time limit (4 hrs).  Truly, at this point, I even believe that I could do a marathon!

So, after my amazing RUN, I still had to go to my first night of "Tri with Karen."  I wasn't sure what to expect - all the sheet said was "easy group ride to Prairie Tavern."  Not having a bike rack yet, though - I knew I'd have to ride to the studio and back - not a big deal, as it's three flat miles each way.

Well, I got to the studio, and besides Karen and Elba (the owners), there were only two other gals - both my age-ish.  One gal did this program last year, and admitted that on the first ride last year she'd had to push her bike up the bike-path hill.  (I already knew I could handle the hill, albeit slowly.)  The other gal hasn't done anything like this before, either.  There will be a third gal joining us some weeks, but she isn't going to do the event - she's just using the program for her workouts.  So, all in all, a well-matched group for me, I think!

On the way out, I did well at keeping pace with the group.  The hill was a bugger, but no harder for me than anything else.  At the tavern (outside, not in – LOL!), we stopped for a breather, water, etc.  I struggled a bit more with the hill (it's shorter/steeper on the return) and fell to the back of the group - but still felt good about my pace.  I ended up riding 12.5 miles total.

Anyway - it was so great to have finished my first brick day!  (“Brick” is a fancy way of saying “I did TWO workouts today.”) My knees are talking today, but I have an easy three-mile day - which I'm going to walk - and a massage tonight.  (Another lie weeded out…I’m WORTH the time & expense for acupuncture & massage as it keeps me moving!)

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  1. Way to go! I am so excited for you! A 9:50/mile pace is very good! At any fitness level. Believe it or not, my easy run pace for long runs is about the same pace! There is no way I started out like this! When I first started, my pace was more like 11:00-12:00/mile.

    The key is to find that sweet pace that will permit you to run all 3 miles (3x1 mile with a recovery in between). I am sure your coach can help you with that. When I started marathon training, my coach had to keep reigning me in to slow me down so I could make the distance and not blow up.

    Great job! so very proud of you!