Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Long Winded Today

Three messages - I guess I have lots to say!

I have decided to make Blue Lake a duathlon race for me, not triathlon.  I'm putting a lot of energy into getting ready for my half-marathon, and if I tried to add the swim in there, lacking as my skills are at this point (not a lie!), I'd take away from the goals I've set for this year.  I have plenty of time/years to work toward the full triathlon goal, and do it sensibly.  So, this year it's run/bike/run.
Every day seems easier, and I'm really loving this life choice.  And, I love that I have such a great support group - growing in size and quality.  (If you're reading this - that includes you!)
I've also chosen my 40th birthday marathon (2/2013).  The Birch Bay Marathon and Half (Birch Bay, WA), has no time limit - everyone gets to finish!  The date isn't set yet, but I think it's President's Day Weekend - the weekend before my birthday.  I'm looking for some folks to commit to go with me.  (There IS a half, if you're not ready to commit to the full.)  Will you join me?  (DS has said he will!)
And, as always, I'm LIVING MY FIT DREAMS, as I weed out the lies and plant new life.  (Shall I put an Easter plug in here?  New Life!)


  1. Duathlon for Blue Lake is perfect and a great decision! But please don't give up on accomplishing a triathlon this year. There are some great events the end of July beginnning of August. Some are all women events that are wonderful and have a 400 yard swim for first timers.

    Birch Bay Marathon sounds fantastic! I would like to join you! Although it is February and I am probably going to freeze my tush off, I want to be there and cheer you on! Right on!

  2. Of course YOU'LL be there - I would have harassed you nonstop to make it so! :) Maybe we can get Erik to commit with Nick! (And, Wendy, if she wants to.)