Monday, August 8, 2011


Life – daily living – is becoming easier.  What does this have to do with being a WLS athlete?  Well, I think it’s a direct result of the changes I’ve been making.

I’ve had a couple of rest/recovery weeks.  It was supposed to be one week – but turned into two.  Week two, I was purposefully active, but didn’t really stick to “the plan.”  However, life itself is more active these days…more walks, more purposeful movement, etc…and it adds up.

This weekend, I had the privilege of helping some friends unload their moving truck.  I say privilege, because it is truly a blessing to be ABLE to help.  (Not that I WANT to help everyone move – I do have a life!…but this one was exciting – discovering I could!)  I found myself going up and down stairs with armloads of boxes, racking up steps on the old pedometer.  Lifting and moving furniture with the guys.  Bending down picking up armloads of hangers stowed in every nook and cranny.  And, today, I’m not down in bed unable to move!

I’m now less than five weeks away from my season’s BIG race – Warrior Dash – and having no second-thoughts about my ability to finish strong.  Oh, it will be work, I will be worn out, and I’ll cry!  J  I won’t break any records, but, I will finish…something I wasn’t so certain of on the day I signed up.

Four weeks of strength training are ahead, which will be a new endeavor for me.  But, these guns are ready for work – and I’m going to give it 100% each and every workout. 

In case you didn’t know – I’m LIVING MY FIT DREAMS!

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