Wednesday, August 31, 2011


People who have never struggled with obesity might not understand the physical pain that is involved with daily living.  Today, I watched a gentleman “rev up” to get going.  He was intentional in his movements, as he made sure he was balanced before he took off across the room.  I know all too well the effort it took for him to do a minor daily task – I was there myself a year ago.

After a very exciting time at Warrior Dash Boot Camp last night, I am thoroughly amazed at my lack of pain.  Those who knew me two years ago know that I spent an entire summer (Memorial Day to Labor Day) in a cast, due to severe plantar fasciitis.  Never have I been able to enjoy day after day of rigorous exercise and wake up pain-free (knees and feet).  This morning, I feel my muscles – knowing I had a tremendous workout – but I have NO PAIN! 

I realized this at the grocery store the other night, too.  I’d played in the river with my pup on Friday night, played in the ocean with my nephew on Saturday night – and grocery shopped Saturday night when we got home.  Years past, I’d have been a major crabapple – if I’d have even gone to the store at all. 

I’m excited and amazed, too, that I made it through boot camp without any injuries!  It seems to always be an injury that sidelines me.  I’ve become more confident in my abilities, and have learned what to do to protect myself – while still having fun.  Warrior Dash is only 11 days away, and I can truly say I’m going to rock it!

Living my fit dreams – and knowing I’m truly blessed!

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  1. Way to go Chanda! Keep up the great work. You are very inspiring!