Thursday, August 25, 2011


For the record, I’m sitting comfortably at my desk typing – WITH MY LEGS CROSSED!  Not sure if I’ve posted on this topic before, or not…but those who currently can’t, or have been in my position in the past, will understand the magnitude of joy it brings me to do it mindlessly these days.

Forgive my ramblings here, but I have “stuff” to write about today!

Another thing that brought me joy this past week was a visit home to see my best friend.  On Friday night, we took a LONG walk along the railroad tracks & river, and really enjoyed being a couple of moms/wives chatting.  I doubt we’ve ever walked together before – as it was something I’d just not have done.  The next morning, we went from garage sale to garage sale…again enjoying the fact that I got out at EVERY stop…not hiding in the car to recuperate, scoping out the goods from my seat. 

But, the culminating “I did it” for the weekend was a visit with her and her children to visit my mom.  I didn’t realize that, though the kids live in the same rural town as my parents, they don’t take for granted “farm life” as I had grown up with.  They enjoyed wandering the big garden, picking up the fallen apples to feed the calves, and realizing that Mom has horses.  My “niece” stated to Mom that she had never ridden a horse.  Mom proceeded to halter her older gelding and each kid rode bareback with Mom on the lead.  It was so much fun enjoying their excitement.

After their ride, Mom told me to head over to a “perch” – it was MY turn.  She knew, as we had discussed it a couple of months ago, that one of my weight-loss goals has been to ride again.  We can’t remember exactly how long it’s been – but it was in jr. high or high school – so it’s been at least 20 years.  I know my weight is down to where I’m not a hazard to the horses, and I was excited and scared at the same time.  The horse wasn’t standing very still for my climb on, and it wasn’t very easy without a stirrup to step into, or a saddle horn to hang onto.  (Thankfully, God thought to equip the horses with handles!  - The mane.) 

My friends & family knew what a big deal this was for me, and had their phones to snap photos.  Unfortunately, after a few minutes, they put them away – so we only have photos of my mom holding the lead rope – making it look like I’m on a pony ride! J  But, I know better.  After a few circles around, mom gave me the lead, and let me go.  I rode around the pasture – enjoying the time.  Bareback riding is very good exercise…using core muscles, and thigh muscles that hadn’t been engaged in years.  Sunday morning I felt like Jillian Michaels had put me through my paces!

I look forward to having a “real” ride – saddled – with my mom in the spring!

In the Northwest, we are rarely as sun-blessed as the past weeks have been.  The spring rain seemed to drag on and on, and since then it’s been hard to head to the gym – opting, instead, to find a place to work out in the fresh air.  Yesterday was no exception.  We had a particularly humid day, and though Wednesday is usually my Aqua Zumba night (in an already muggy pool), none of my friends were going, so I decided to head out.  I did a good, long bike ride – and rode to the gym.  (My first time riding to the gym.)

At the gym, I jumped on the elliptical for 20 minutes (when I started I couldn’t do five!), and headed to the weight room.  I could hear the STEP class going on upstairs, and was surprised to hear the “Monday night” guy’s voice.  But, as I said, I haven’t been to the gym much this summer, so apparently, they had added his class on Wednesday, too. 

This guy is a fairly new teacher, and had harassed me a few times earlier in the year about trying it out.  I kept telling him that I wasn’t ready – at the time I was still mostly biking, with just 10 minutes, or so, on the treadmill.  My knees truly couldn’t have handled it.  He told me that he’d keep on me.

Well, while I was in the weight room, his class finished up.  He came down to do his strength training, and we passed each other for 30 minutes, or so, never speaking.  I thought, “He doesn’t have a clue who I am!”  But, of course, I wasn’t going to tell him – I’m not ready for this class!  LOL!  I finished up my workout, headed out to put on my bike gear, and as I was climbing on, he came out the door.  I smiled, and he said, “Wow!  You look great!  Don’t tell me you’re not ready for my class now!”  He’d figured it out!  I told him I’m saving myself for Warrior Dash and the bridge crossing, and he understood – but made me commit to trying his class after those events.  I don’t think I really want to do a STEP class – I’d rather go back to “regular” Zumba, but I’ll give it a shot!  We did talk about how much weight I’ve lost, what I’ve been doing for training, and such – and he was glad we’d talked.  Apparently his wife has had some injuries, and he thinks Aqua Zumba might be what she’s looking for.

I safely arrived home, realizing that I’d been gone more than 2 hours – and it was the hottest, sweatiest, most advanced workout I’ve done so far! 

Still living my fit dreams!

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