Thursday, August 18, 2011

New things to celebrate

Last weekend, I spent time with a WLS buddy.  She's four years out, and has done some of the fun things I have my eye on.  (Particularly a RnR 1/2 marathon and the SF Women's 1/2.)  She knows my heart's desire to be an athlete!

Her idea of fun was to introduce me to kayaking - and having been a former white-water rafting lover, I was looking forward to the adventure.  I was thinking of an hour or two exploring some calmer waters, and back home for the day.  Boy, was I out of my head!

We put in the water (at the mouth of the Columbia River), and headed upstream for an hour or so, thinking the current would carry us back when we were tired.  We kept going and going, and after only a few minutes, any fears I had of being too upper-body weak were gone.  It was quite easy - and so much fun!  I have to admit, I'm still in the "get 'er done" frame of mind...I have trouble enjoying the journey.  After some discussion, we decided to go "around the island," but - thankfully - decided against the second island (which turned out NOT to be an island...that would have been frustrating!).

As we headed back DOWNSTREAM, the wind picked up, the sun hid behind a cloud, and it got HARD to paddle.  Low and behold - two people who should have known better (she a beach-town dweller, and I an ocean-loving freak) failed to consider the TIDE, which was full-force coming in.  It was actually harder paddling downstream than it had been going up.  We had to keep paddling full-time in order to not get pushed back.

There was never a time I was afraid - afraid I couldn't do it, afraid of tipping over - but, boy it was WORK.  As we neared the rental shop, we did get into a little inlet protected from the wind, and were able to slow down a bit.  We started smelling burgers grilling at a local eatery, and knew we were almost home.  (We both discussed how GOOD the burgers smelled, but how it would make us sick to actually eat one.  That is a nice thing to have in common!)  All told, our trip lasted three hours - three hours of mostly paddling.  We fared better than Gilligan, too!

The thing I gained the most was the fact that in spite of my "weak" upper body - I now have the confidence to know that the Warrior Dash is definitely do-able for me.  If I can paddle for three hours, certainly I can climb a few obstacles!


Today, I had another "fun" thing happen!  The first day I was able (May?), I signed up for the inaugural Portland Rock N Roll 1/2 Marathon - on May 20, 2012.  I paid $50 (or $55) for my registration - it was a one-day-only special.

Well, low and behold, they've been drawing monthly for prizes, and I am one of three August winners!  I got a call today, and was told that I could pick any pair of sneakers I wanted from the Brooks Running web site!  My $100 Brooks Dyad 6 (pink/silver) shoes are on their way, as is my Brooks Running tech tee!  Pretty good deal, all in all...and if the shoes are comfortable they gained a customer, too!

Have I mentioned lately...I'm living my fit dreams?!?!?!

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  1. Love that you are doing so well! What a great writer you are. I felt that I was in the kayak with you and Sarah!