Monday, August 1, 2011

Back to reality

Vacation is over!  Yes, that is "over!" - not "over :("

While I loved every minute of the time spent with friends, I'm a sucker for routine.  Work routine, home routine, eating routine, and exercise routine.  Without routine, it's too easy to not do what I need to do.

But, this vacation was a success!  Without "planned exercise" (it was "planned recovery" before embarking on my next training phase), I still managed to get as many steps each day as I do on "workout" days.  In fact, some days were more than I get on RACE days.  It felt good to be able to keep up with our friends, and to know that an active lifestyle is possible - even on vacation!

Food-wise, too, I was successful.  We daily had "treats," but I managed to enjoy them...and to be fine with the fact that when vacation is over (now) that they are gone, too.  In fact, I was just savoring my pineapple a few minutes ago...and realized it was more enjoyable than some of the other things I'd chosen last week!

Up to this point, training-wise, I've been in the "endurance-building" phase.  This week, I move to "strength-building."  It's only FOURTY-ONE days until Warrior Dash...and these "guns" aren't ready.  

I'll keep you posted on the new phase of progress...and you can cheer for me!  In case you can't find me in the gym, look for me in the park.  I'll be the cute blonde climbing the jungle gym! :)

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