Sunday, July 10, 2011

Being last doesn't kill

It happened.  I was last...and lived to tell about it.

I started out the race at the back of the pack ("pack" being relative in a race of less than 50 participants), but not last.  I made it up the big hill/half-way point with two ladies (and the SAG bike) behind me, but somehow they overtook me on the downhill.  I was TRULY fine with being last, and the SAG gal kept checking on me.  When I crossed the finish line, everyone clapped...which I needed...I was WIPED OUT! It was the HARDEST race I've done so far...temperature, terrain, and all.

I struggled most of the time, due to the fact that my RunKeeper pooped out on me about 13 minutes into the race (due to tree cover), and I had NO IDEA what my pace was.  I just kept pushing...knowing they weren't going to close the course without me - the SAG girl was with me.  My mom walked the last four blocks with me, and that was really fun.  Anyway, I crossed the line, and they called out my time.  I still didn't have a clue - because I keep track of my time per/mile, not overall.  I ignored everyone while I whipped out my calculator...and started bawling.  My time was 1:27 per mile faster than last month's race!  NO WONDER I WAS WIPED!  Not only did I finish with a great P.R., but they did awards by age group, sex, and walk vs. run.  I placed third (even though I was last!) in my group!  "Go, Chanda!"

Today, I headed down through the gorgeous Columbia River Gorge, and decided to tackle another previous "I can't."  I hiked clear to the top of the beautiful Multnomah Falls!  42 minutes to walk 1.25 miles at a very steep incline.  The trip was well worth the reward of the beauty at the fall's headwaters.  The trip down took a little longer, as I was concerned about rolling an ankle, twisting a knee, or another injury before my LONG race next weekend (8K).

What a monumental weekend!  I keep adding things to my "I did it" list, and am so proud of what I've done in the six months post-op.

Being last doesn't kill...and I'm LIVING MY FIT DREAMS!

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  1. Go Chanda! Is right! You so ROCK, my friend. I wish you would have called for the Falls trip. I would have walked it with you. :-) That is something I will do this summer at least one time. Way to go! I'm so happy for you!!!!