Tuesday, July 19, 2011

This is a quickie...but still good stuff!

I wanted to report on this past weekend's race - my first 8K!  The day was unseasonably rainy (yes, it's the Pacific Northwest - but it's also JULY!), and I was concerned.  Not to worry - rain makes the sweat less of a problem.  But, note to self, a hat would help the rivers running down my face.

Regardless, there was NO FEAR (remember, I let that go!), and I knew I could finish, in spite of the hill at mile 2.5.  I made it in under my 90 minute goal - with 43 seconds to spare!  WHOOT!  It was a really fun event, and I hope to be able to do the half marathon next year!

My other RED LETTER news for the week!  You'll remember (or not) that I spoke on behalf of obese patients at a brown bag luncheon at work.  Well, a few days after that, I was contacted by the local newspaper (not related to this luncheon) regarding an article they were doing on medical treatment of obese patients.  It was posted online today and will be in print tomorrow.  Enjoy...and comment, if you'd like!

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