Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Independence Day

Yesterday I celebrated INDEPENDENCE!

Independence from 121 lbs. of "I can't do it," fear of trying, bondage of food addiction, and all that goes with that.

I was looking forward to an early-morning bike ride...and it was longer and more challenging than I'd planned.  As I chugged up a long incline (one previously in the "I can't" category - though I'd never actually tried), I kept thinking..."go as slow as you need to - but don't stop."  And, the even more exciting thought, "You get to ride DOWN it on the return trip!"  Not only did I make it...without any terrible leg burn, but when I got to the top, and older gentleman passed (was he there the whole time?), and said, "Good morning!"  Yes, indeed - it was...if he only knew!

Go as slow as you need to - but don't stop.  That's independence!

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