Thursday, July 7, 2011

Go Chanda!

One thing about doing these big races is the camaraderie.  The other thing is that there will, more likely than not, be someone behind you.

What happens, then, when it’s NOT a “big” race?  I’m about to find out. 

This weekend, I’m going to participate in the Athena, Oregon Caledonian Days 5K Run/Walk.  As of this morning, there are SEVENTEEN people registered!  I know, I know – there will likely be people registering the morning of the event…but SEVENTEEN?  It will be a little hard to blend in to the back of the pack.

On the upside…there are medals to the top five finishers of each sex in each age category.  My hope…that there are not more than five females age 30-39!  Or, that at least one of them is slower than I am.  Jodi (my partner in crime for this event) is faster than I am…so there goes my chance of WINNING, but at least a medal would be fun, right?

Regardless, it will be fun.  My mom will be there to watch me, likely with a home-made “Go, Chanda!” sign in hand.  For the daughter who never felt she measured up, this will be monumental.  My parents are proud of what I’ve done this year.  (Should it still matter what they think when I’m nearly 40 years old?  Not sure if it SHOULD or not – but it does.)

I’m proud of the work I’ve done.  Big event or small, trophy/medal or not, front of the pack, or dead last…I’m doing more than I’ve done in years.  My body is cooperating, my mind is getting in the program, and I know that I’m LIVING MY FIT DREAMS!

“Go, Chanda!”

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