Sunday, July 3, 2011

Still living the dream!

Yesterday, dear pup and I hiked for the first time.  (Six-month old Cocker Spaniel - Minnie Pearl)

I'm fortunate enough to leave in the BEAUTIFUL Northwest, and just minutes away from rivers, trails, and God-blessed beauty galore!  We chose Lucia Falls, a 15-minute winding road away.  I'd been to the park several times and admired the lovely falls, but never really explored the trails.  

There is an "established" hiking trail around the park, but there are also several "rabbit trails" that lead down to the water, over big boulders, or just to secluded, scenic views.  Pearl was a nut - she dragged me up and down places I'd never thought I could manage...but I did.  At one point, I was thankful that she was harnessed - rather than collared - as I had to "jerk" her up off a rock face.  SHE might have made it, but I wouldn't have.

THIS is what it is all about for me.  NEW adventures, NEW ways doing things, an DISCOVERING that I DO have it in me!  (Not to mention that the boulder climbing, and sliding down dirt trails is helping me prepare for Warrior Dash!)

What is YOUR adventure?

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  1. Well, YOU asked and even though you already know to a degree what my adventure is, I thought I'd comment because I think it's a good question.

    First of all - you are doing great on this adventure of yours and one of the reasons I think you're doing so great on it is because you have identified what your adventure is. Your adventure is being the active, athletic, going and doing person that I see becoming more and more evident every single day. You aren't just talking the talk, you're walking the walk and you're doing it because you know what you want that to look like! Yeah you!

    As for me - my adventure involves eliminating the extra weight I'm carrying around, overcoming the fear that has it's roots in the lies of the past and living the rest of my life with no regrets. Doing the things I long to do but haven't because of weight or fear or both. I will do a triathlon and a marathon and I plan to RUN them. I will climb to the top of Multnomah Falls and enjoy the trip up, the celebration at the top and the trip down. I will go parasailing, skydiving and get my masters certificate in scuba diving. I will learn to sail and I will finish the Warrior Dash right by your side, covered in mud and thrilled to know that no matter what things looked like yesterday, I overcame! :-)