Wednesday, July 20, 2011

It all adds up

A few years back, my employer enrolled us for HealthMiles, a voluntary program that rewards us for the activity we do.  We all got little pedometers to strap on, and log-ins to account for non-step related activity. (Swimming, etc.)  We get "points" just for wearing it, for reaching 7K, 12K, or 20K steps.  Points add up for cash rewards.  A pretty painless program!

When we first got these, I was at the peak of my weight journey (peak weight-wise, valley fitness-wise), and was elated on the days that I got 3000-3500 steps.  I was enduring severe plantar fascitis, and more activity wasn't likely.

Post surgery, I've been able to easily hit 7K most days, and 12K on more days than not.  20K is still elusive most days.  Last weekend, I discovered that the 8K/5 mile race ONLY accounted for 10K steps.  BUMMER!  I really thought I'd hit 20K that day.

Well, low and behold...I was out in the field for work yesterday...a couple of "short" trips, and before lunch had 15K steps!!!  Not only that - I wasn't even tired!

What a difference a year makes!  Those little trips really add up.  Moral of the story...more little trips!

WLS Athlete

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